Preparation method for high temperature resistant macroporous cation exchange resin catalyst



The present invention provides a preparation method for a high temperature resistant macroporous cation exchange resin catalyst. According to the preparation method, a linear chain saturated acid with carbon atoms of 4-25, any one component selected from a unsaturatcd fatty acid glyceride, or a mixture is adopted as a pore-foaming agent to prepare styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer containing the pore-foaming agent, wherein the mixture comprises two or more components selected from the unsaturatcd fatty acid glyceride; an organic solvent is adopted to extract the pore-foaming agent and low molecular weight impurities in the copolymer; the macroporous polymer is subjected to a halogenating reaction in the presence of a catalyst; the resulting halogenated product is subjected to a sulfonationreaction. According to the present invention, the polarity of the used pore-foaming agent by the preparation method of the present invention is similar to the polarity of the monomer, such that uniform porous channels can be formed during the polymerization process; the used materials by the preparation method of the present invention have characteristics of environmental protection, no toxicity,cheap price and easy availability; during the preparation process of the present invention, only a hydrocarbon solvent with low boiling point and low toxicity is adopted to clean the pore structure, such that the operation is simple and three wastes are not discharged; the pore structure-cleaned styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer is subjected to the halogenation and the sulfonation to obtain the resin catalyst with uniform pore structure, good high temperature resistance and high catalytic activity.




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