Pull-down closed rescue isolation cover



The invention relates to the technical field of rescue, in particular to a pull-down closed rescue isolation cover. The cover consists of a ring handle, a pull rope, rope holes, a contraction band, a guide ring, a cloth cover, a lower ring, a sleeve and an upper ring, wherein the sleeve is a cylinder made of a stainless steel material and has the height of not less than 2 meters; upper and lower ends of the sleeve are provided with circular upper and lower rings which are integrated with the sleeve; the lower end of the lower ring is provided with the cylindrical cloth cover connected with the lower ring; the lower edge of the cloth cover is provided with an annular contraction band integrally sewed with the cloth cover; a plurality of rope holes are uniformly distributed on the ring handle; all the rope holes are connected in series through the pull rope along the circumference of the bottom end of the cloth cover; the ring handle is an L-shaped handle; and the tail end of a horizontal section at the lower end of the ring handle is provided with the guide ring. The isolation cover eliminates negative-pressure adsorption force of marsh silt to a human body, and the rescue efficiency and success rate are greatly improved.




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