Key, video and mouse (KVM) remote monitoring system and method based on public network transmission



The invention discloses a key, video and mouse (KVM) remote monitoring system and method based on public network transmission. The method comprises the following steps: a, logging in a KVM server, and registering KVM card information on the KVM server; b, displaying the KVM card in a on-line state on the KVM server, and waiting to establish communication with a client personal computer (PC); and c, logging in the KVM server by the client PC, and establishing data transmission connection with the KVM card according to the KVM card information. Compared with the KVM monitoring system of the existing C/S network structure, the KVM remote monitoring system provided by the invention has the advantages that routers and KVM cards in all local area networks are in no need of being configured, thus greatly reducing networking difficulty and reducing the work load; and the client PC can rapidly and exactly find out positions of the monitored PCs in a complicated network, thereby improving the working efficiency.




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