Heating slot with embedded electric heating pipe



The invention discloses a heating slot with an embedded electric heating pipe, which can be used for heating concentrated sulphuric acid to a high temperature, and belongs to a common fluid heater with a heat generating device. The high-temperature concentrated sulphuric acid has strong corrosivity, in case that an electric heater is put into the heating slot to be directly contacted with the concentrated sulphuric acid, the manufacturing cost of the electric heater is high; and in case of adopting an external electric heater, the thermal conductivity between the electric heater and the heating slot is low, and the structure of the heating slot is usually complex. The problem to be solved in the invention is to provide a heating slot which has high thermal conductivity, low manufacturing cost, and no electric heater arranged in the heating slot. The technical scheme of the invention is that: the bottom and side walls of the heating slot are provided with a plurality of holes of which the sections are consistent with that of the electric heating pipe, and the electric heating pipe is directly put into the holes to heat the heating slot. Compared with the prior art, the invention has the advantages of improving the thermal conductivity between the electric heater and the heating slot, simplifying the structure of the heating slot, and reducing the size of the component of the heating slot.




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